CEO Message

"Our business model has always supported a vision of a more sustainable way of living.

We make it easier for people to reuse things and, by encouraging people to make second-hand their first choice, we provide lasting positive impacts in the circular economy."

The strategy

Adevinta is acutely aware of its ability to contribute to the circular economy and of our platforms to connect people 
‍in the communities and countries in which we operate.

Our business implicitly encourages more sustainable consumption. Moreover, our strategic focus on our five core markets of Germany, France, Spain, Benelux and Italy allows us to describe Adevinta as a European circular economy champion.

We are committed to building on our sustainability achievements, with a focus on three key areas.

Our three key themes are:


Lead the transition towards circular
and responsible consumption

Ensure we are a purpose-driven
and inclusive marketplace for everyone


Embed ESG governance, data
and fraud protection throughout the organisation.